All of these images are from SPAIN. Click on each image for a much larger view.
Note: Many of these artifacts have been removed from their original locations (noted) and are now housed in various museums.
11th Century

Between 1085 and 1100.
Doubting Thomas, relief on a pillar.

Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos.

Detal from Doubting Thomas. Christ and Thomas.

Dancer and Musician
Capital from the Cloister at Silos

Detail from the Parable of the Careful Virgins, Iglesia de Sant Quirze de Pedret (Bergueda)

Musuem of Catalan Art, Barcelona

End of 11th Century
San Isidro de Leon

Madrid Archeological Museum

c.1090-1100 Ivory
Hispano-languedociano work

Madrid Arqueological Museum

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